Tuesday, February 7, 2012

247dialer coming soon

Hi there!

I registered this blog a long time ago, but never managed to get a post going. Not beacuse I did not have the time. But I kept wanting to start off with a killer post that just wasn't happening :-)

Now that you're reading this, and the fact that this is my first post on this blog. In fact, on any blog, you'd be pretty sure  its nothing much. I intend to use this post to provide my readers as an introduction to what to expect in this blog, now that I am planning to post regularly (if not daily!)

But some background first! I have been having a great time lately. I quit my job about 10 months back! The quitting process wasn't the smoothest one. So I won't talk about it here, now. Our son, Madhav just turned 6 months on the first. And we have been having a roller-coaster of a time with him. I am working from my home-office, so he'has grown very used to my presence around the home. I am not sure how will he take my day-long absence should I take up a regular job or office, not that I want to.

I have been working (you could call sleeping over) my call center software that I designed and developed few years ago. It ran well in production for a couple years, but closed down after a series of entrepreneurial hiccups, first on my own, and then with my (sales/marketing/financial) partner. I kept on researching and evaluating many open source technologies that were showing up on the horizon, planning to use them to build the next incarnation of the call center software. I shall elaborate upon them in my next posts. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I have been nurturing the thought of open sourcing the existing code for the call center software. Right since my first entrepreneurial hiccup. But then the hope provided by the partnership kept it aside. Then, after the partnership broke, I got into action. I found out that running an open source project was way much more work than just registering a project on SourceForge. I started doing some cleanup work before publishing the code. But I wan't in a position to hold on for too long. So I could not complete it before moving to a full time telecommute job that required me to be up all nights. Although I had been working late nights regularly for my entire adult life, and also doing night shifts supporting offshore call centers last few years, my daily schedule was disturbed and my biological clock screwed up. Especially the weekends when I had to switch back to normal. I simply could not continue with the open source plan.

Coming back to the present, my dilemma with going forward with a new project started from scratch as against doing incremental changes to the existing, but technologically obsoleted project seems to have been cleared. I have decided to go with the old project, modernizing it in small steps, as an open source project.

I am not sure how will I fare. But I am going to give it my best shot. So I am back at work, cleaning up the code for an initial release. I will also publish all documentation including lots of paperwork. My next post shall provide you the references to the project resources.

So long, :-)